Should You Allow Your Rental Property to be Pet Friendly?

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As property management real estate specialists in the Mornington Peninsula areas, we are often asked about whether to allow pets in rental properties.

In Australia 63% of households own a pet. Man’s best friend, the dog, is the most popular pet, with the second most popular pet being cats. The highest percentage of dog owners are aged 65 or more while young people aged 15-34 are less likely to have pets.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Even with our sublime love of animals and reluctance to be without a pet in our home, most renters struggle to find accommodation that is pet friendly. Here are some pros and cons of allowing your tenants to have a pet.


  • Tenants are likely to stay longer and sign long term leases if they know that they have accommodation where they are permitted pets.
  • You keep your tenants happy
  • Due to the high demand for rentals that allow pets, this may mean that you can receive more rent for your property.


  • Pets can cause damage to your property. Dogs love to dig in the garden, and doors and fly screens can be scratched with pets coming in and out – or wanting to be let in and out.
  • Pet accidents can damage carpet and floor coverings. Cats often use furniture,doors and screens as scratching posts, and puppies are known to chew everything in sight.

If you do allow pets, consider charging additional bond for any damage that the pet may cause. Most tenants are happy to pay this if it means that they can move in with their pet. Specify the number and type of pets that are permitted on the lease. Your property management real estate agents can organise this for you.

Consider the pros and cons when deciding on whether allowing your property to be pet friendly. If you are a pet lover yourself, and have lived in the property previously, it may already be perfectly set up for furry family members.

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