Selecting a Rental Property Manager

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Selecting the right rental Property Manager to manage your investment property is an important decision. You are trusting that person to market your property, screen prospective tenants, set the rental amount, collect rent,deal with complaints, attend to maintenance issues and much more!

Here are some tips to help you get the right person to manage your investment property.

  1. Listen to word of mouth. Word of mouth is the best and most reliable form of advertising so when you hear about a great local rental property manager through the grapevine, that is always a good sign. Other real estate agencies can give referrals so don’t be afraid to ring around get advice from as many sources as possible.
  2. You can tell a lot from a rental property manager’s current rental ad. Check that they are professional, appealing and free of any discriminatory statements. Check the quality of the photos they have used, the number of platforms advertised across and the overall look of the ad as this will largely reflect the type of ad that will be created for your investment property.
  3. Finding a rental property manager is an individual decision so don’t be afraid to shop around. Interview multiple property managers and keep in mind that you will build a close relationship with whoever you choose so don’t be afraid to be picky. Ask questions about their education and experience, services provided, fees and that they understand landlord-tenant law.
  4. Ask the rental property manager for 2 or 3 contact numbers from existing landlords who could provide a prospective landlord with a testimony of your services.

Twin Waters Estate Agents have a fantastic reputation throughout Frankston, Frankston South, Mt Eliza, Mount Martha and the Mornington Peninsula. Our quality of services and willingness to go above and beyond for our landlords has given us the trusted name in real estate property management that we have today.

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