Looking for a Sea Change? Let Twin Waters Estate Agents Guide You

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The Mornington Peninsula has always been a top location for Victorian families, couples and retirees wanting a sea change. To breathe in the sea air each morning and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, without feeling like you’re too far out.There are plenty of schools, shopping centres, parks and eateries on the Peninsula which means there is no need to travel far to get where you need and the adjustment to the area is a seamless one.

The Mornington Peninsula comprises of some of Melbourne’s most breathtaking beaches, stunning views and a small town feel that is hard to find elsewhere. The unique combination of hinterland and seaside living makes it the perfect place to visit, invest and live.

Because more and more Victorians have begun to discover the magic and beauty the Peninsula area has to offer, demand for property has grown. If you are looking to move to the Mornington Peninsula,it is still possible to buy, it just means you may need to be a little more aggressive with your offers and give yourself every chance to win the sale.

Twin Waters Estate Agents are the experts when it comes to making a sea change and buying property in the area because we understand that everyone has different ideas of what a sea change is.

We have a real understanding of the market and the best places to buy depending on your needs, so whether you prefer to live a quieter life in Mount Eliza or Mount Martha, or in the busier suburbs of Frankston or Frankston South, we can help find the right place for you to plant your roots.

Before you go anywhere else, contact Twin Waters Estate Agents and get the right advice today.


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